Supporting Facilities & Services

Graduate School of Supporting Facilities
Facilities & Services Functions Reference
SC Standard Chartered Bank Korea
  • Open a bank account
  • Deposit and withdraw money etc
1st Floor, Old Student Union Building
(tel. 219-2291)
Post Office
  • Domestic & Int'l mail / parcels
1st Floor, Old Student Union Building
(tel. 219-2275)
Travel Agency
  • Purchase train tickets
  • Make a reservation for airline tickets
Basement of Yulgok Hall
(tel. 219-2277)
Photo Studio
  • Take a picture
Basement of Yulgok Hall
(tel: 219-2286)
Photocopy Room
  • Make a copy of any paper material
Basement of Yulgok Hall
(tel: 219-2276)
  • Withdraw money etc
1st Floor of Library, Yulgok Hall and Hospital 


PC Labs on Campus

There are many PC labs on campus, where you can use the computers for word processing, internet, and so on.  Also, there is a PC LAB on the 1st floor of the dormitory where you will be placed. The PC labs are provided with printers but you are required to bring your own paper. 

  • Yulkok Hall Rm 157, Global Education Lounge Rm 152
  • Dasan Hall Rm 308, Rm 307
  • Hwahong Hall PC Room, 1st Floor
  • Wonchun Hall Rm 436, Rm 341
  • Library Internet Center, 1st Floor

Wireless Internet

What is Wireless Internet Service?

Ajou University offers the Wireless Internet Service with which students, faculty and staffs can have access to online contents like email, chatting, game and video via wireless high-speed internet with their mobile devices such as laptops or Smart phones on campus.

How to use Wireless Internet on campus

Ajou University is to provide 2100 on-campus internet IDs for its students, faculty and staffs on a first come, first served basis. The ID is available for free for up to 6 months, and a user should apply for a new ID after 6 months. In case the given ID is not used for 7 days, it is blocked automatically and a user should apply for a new ID if he or she wants. 

Wireless Internet fee

There is a monthly subscription fee for broadband internet ID. Please refer to more detailed information on the broadband internet ID by clicking the menu of 'Apply for Wireless Internet ID'
('Apply for Wireless Internet ID' →'Shortcut to ID Application' → Community → Notification('Apply for Broadband Internet ID[Pop ID]')) below.   

  • 1. On-campus internet ID(available only on campus): free of charge 
  • 2. Broadband internet ID(available on campus and in Nespot Zones across the country) : 11,000 won/month


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