Ajou University offers the following special benefits to all incoming exchange students. The special benefits are granted in order to give students the opportunities to enhance their understanding of Korea. Please note that the following benefits are given to exchange students.

Cultural Field Trip: Visiting historical and cultural sites in Korea

Tentative destinations includes;

  • Gyeongju (A city of 2000 year history) and Korean East Coast
  • Royal Palace and Royal Secret Garden of Joseon Dynasty
  • Suwon Hwaseong Fortress (UNESCO designated World Heritage)
  • Korean traditional paper- crafting

Business Field Trip: Visiting global businesses in Korea 

   Tentative destinations such as:

  • Samsung Electronocs or LG Electronics (will visit available company at the time)
  • Hyundai Motors Factory Visit 

Cultural Programs for Exchange Students 

  Exchange students may participate in a variety of cultural programs such as:

  • Ajou International Day - one of the biggest annual festivals of Ajou University in the fall, with World Food Festivals and Performances
  • Global Week in the spring 
  • Nanta Performance (optional)
  • Temple Stay (optional)


  • During the field trips, participants need to purchase their own meals.
  • Students who have the benefits will be asked to write an essay about their stay at Ajou University. Please submit it to Ajou’s international office at the end of stay upon the request.
  • We recommend you to bring a special costume such as folk costume and other artifacts of your country for the “Ajou International Day” festival.

빠른 이동 메뉴

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